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Beautiful Wildlife Photography

Bring home the beauty of nature. Steve Mosley at The Walking Rock, LLC, in Mena, Arkansas, specializes in wildlife photography. He has high-quality digital files and prints for sale that are perfect for hanging on your walls. Each photo tells a story and Steve takes incredible images that are difficult to capture.

Bringing Arkansas's Wilderness to Your Home

Arkansas includes some of the most wild and beautiful places in the United States. Other photographers take pictures of animals in zoos, but living in Mena gives Steve many great opportunities to see and photograph animals in their natural habitats. In September of 2011, he had the opportunity to hunt and kill a black bear in the western part of Arkansas. The awesome beauty of this large animal emerging from the forest into the open was unreal. He did not have his camera with him at the time, so the moment only exists in his memory. Through his photographs, Steve hopes to share magical moments like that with you.

Getting the Perfect Shot

Great photographs come from understanding the habits of the critter you are targeting. Nature doesn't have a set schedule; you have to be in tune to what you think the animals will be doing. They do not always feed in the same field, light in the same tree, or travel the same trails. Weather plays a huge part in the behavior of wildlife and where they might be at any given moment. Over the years, Steve has developed a deep understanding of the habits of animals. He has been known to make temporary blinds, hide behind trees, or even crawl on the ground to capture the perfect shot.

Red Berry Bush

Bird Flying Over Water

Birds of Prey

Steve's favorite animals to photograph are birds of prey. Every day of their lives is about survival. Getting photographs of these majestic creatures up close is very difficult, but the pure beauty of capturing a bird in flight inspires Steve to keep photographing nature.

Reflecting Nature

Steve enjoys using reflections in his photographs to add another dimension to an already fantastic image. There are certain times of the day when the lighting is just right for this type of shot, but Steve always says that his favorite time to shoot is "sunset to sunrise, 365 days a year!"